There is not much detailed web reference to CHP, except for a bit on the Longman's myhistorylab.com (Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Longman), a lone piece on The Hindu website, indicative of his contribution, and a few other links that just mention his name.

CHP was almost an acronym to the literary segment. His multi-dimensions, as a book critic for the Deccan Herald that spanned over 15 years; as one among the Judges for the then popular Ullal Shield Drama Festival; as a Novelist (he wrote two novels in Kannada early in his long career); as a writer acclaimed for his translations and the much challenging condensation Man the Divine - Shoonya Sampaadane: Ondu Paraamarshe, by Prof.S.S.Boosnurmath on Veerashaiva Philosophy which read as original than the typical word translation; as one who stood for social causes, covering anything that deserved justice, specially the poor; as one who encouraged so many and wrote about in their early struggling stages, who have now turned celebrities; as a Weekly columnist for The Hindu, the National Daily that spanned twenty long years etc., are wide ranged.

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