CHP's books, translations and condensations both in English & Kannada comprising biographies, short stories, novels, children's stories and folk tales.


Story of a song - Ecstasy and Agony


Man the Divine - A Critical Exposition of Shoonya Sampadane


P.D. Agarwal - The Visionary

Story of a Song - Ecstasy and Agony, English translation of Shivaramu's Kannada work Vande Mataram, Published by Rashtrotthana Sahitya, 1972.

(Note: Ecstasy was wrongly printed as Ecstacy

 Man the Divine - A Critical Exposition of Shoonya Sampadane, English condensation of Prof. S.S. Bhoosanurmath's Kannada work Shoonya Sampadaneya Paramarshe, Published by Sri Swamiji of Mandagiri Kalmath, Adoni, 1979

 P.D. Agarwal - The Visionary, Biography of the industrialist Prabhu Dayal Agarwal, published by Transport Corporation of India, 1988

Nandalal Bose




Taatana Huttuhabba

Nandalal Bose, Children's biography of the well-known Bengali painter, written for the Children's book series "Bharata Bharati", Rashtrotthana Sahitya, 1975

 Sravanabelagola, English adaptation of Kannada original by G.Brahmappa, published by IBH Prakashana

 Taatana Huttuhabba, Kannada Translation of stories from Holland, Belgium and Switzerland; published in the series Vishwa Kathakosha, Navakarnataka Publications, 1981, edited by Niranjana. Reprinted in 2011

Devaru Devategalu



Devaru Devategalu


Diwan Rangacharlu

Devaru Devategalu, Kannada Translation of Maya Balse's collection of Children's stories, published by IBH Prakashana, 1973, edited by K.Shivaram Karanth

Devaru Devategalu, Kannada Translation of Maya Balse's collection of Children's stories

 Diwan Rangacharlu, Children's biography of the well-known Diwan of Mysore, Published by IBH Prakashana, 1974

Dakshina Bharatada Kathamanjari

Janapada Kathegalu


Banje Tottilu
Dakshina Bharatada Kathamanjari

, Contribution of selected Kannada translations of Folk tales from South India, Published by Janapada Academy, 1986

 Janapada Kathegalu, Kannada translation of a collection of Kannada Folk Tales, published by Janapada Academy, 1989

 Banje Tottilu, Kannada Novel, Published by C.Gopala Rao, 1950s.

The other novel being Sunkavillada Daari by the same publisher.


Makkala Mahabharata




 Makkala Mahabharata, Kannada Translation of Mathuram Bhootalingam's Children's Mahabharata, published by The Publications Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, 1981