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Selected Writings

For periodicals, dailies, magazines...

CHP's writing career began with the FORUM, a political weekly from Bombay, edited by Joachim Alva and Violet Alva. He later wrote for MYSINDIA, the English weekly by Hosali Press, edited by Mr Philip Spratt. He also wrote for DECCAN HERALD for Sunday supplements, chiefly book reviews, and mid-week features for THE INDIAN EXPRESS. While at New Delhi, he contributed to HINDUSTAN TIMES for the Jantar Mantar column, and their evening edition EVENING NEWS when news from Karnataka suggested a topic; and also to its daily column The Capital Eye, an outlet for humour. He also wrote articles for the erstwhile THE MIRROR magazine, and covered the Kannada section under The Literary Scene in India section for THE INDIAN P.E.N. (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, Novelists - A World Association of Writers) and book reviews.

His contributions in Kannada include book reviews for the dailies PRAJAVANI & KANNADA PRABHA; and to SUDHA magazine, mainly in the Children's section during the late 1960s.

Only some of CHP's over five decades of available writings are archived in their original published form in PDF, and grouped under respective publications.

Download: The below available writings from various newspapers, periodicals and some from the now defunct publications can be downloaded as individual ZIP files with scanned PDFs from OneDrive: The writings are grouped under separate folders for each publication.

The Hindu

THE HINDU, Bangalore edition. Features on artists, writers & theatre personalities from Karnataka under Literature, Sunday Personality and The Arts sections. 

Adya Rangacharya Play was his passion Oct 28, 1984 [Personality] 248 kb
A.N. Sheshachar Master of Soliloquy Sep 28, 1980 [The Arts] 461 kb
Malavalli Sundaramma She Belongs to a Different Epoch Aug 24, 1980 [The Arts] 616 kb
Mari Rau A Comedian's Long Career May 11, 1980 [The Arts] 970 kb
Master Hirannaiah Past Master in Political and Social Satire July 29, 1980 [The Arts] 593 kb
Masti Venkatesa Iyengar The World of Masti July 01, 1984 [Literature] 264 kb
Masti Venkatesa Iyengar Creative artist, serene philosopher June 15, 1986 [Personality] 459 kb
Padma Devi Eyes that cast a spell on theatregoers June 28, 1981 [The Arts] 541 kb
R.Nagaratnamma Tryst with the Theatre - a Life of Struggle Dec 14, 1980 [The Arts] 708 kb
Seshachalam Chetty The world forgets, memories linger Apr 26, 1981 [The Arts] 642 kb

Deccan Herald

DECCAN HERALD, Bangalore. Though CHP contributed to Deccan Herald for over two decades, through book reviews in the Sunday supplement and other features, only one write-up is traceable!

Niranjana      A fiery, enduring genius      Deccan Herald, Apr 3, 1992      671 kb


Evening edition of HINDUSTAN TIMES, New Delhi (1970 - 1974)
The Evening News was a popular eveninger in Delhi. It is not clear if it still gets published. It is also nice to remember Mr.Gyan Singh, the editor during 1970s.

1971 - 1972      Articles      3.80 MB
T.S.Satyan    Satyan Seventyone focuses on people     
C.R.N.Murty    Now Murty edits ‘Post Master’     
J.A.Wajid    Preserving Delhi’s history     
Sitaram Dhyani    Chowkidar-artist created 12-feet Republic day Parade     
K.Nagaratnamma    Mysore Speaker… A Woman in a Hurry     
M.Y.Ghorpade    Work at grassroots is secret of Mysore Finance Minister’s success     
Devraj Urs    URS Cool, Firm in Taking Decisions     
                        Kannada Encyclopedia is out, but where are buyers?     
Virendra Heggade    Theatre of the Masses is all All-night Affair     
H.Bhisham Pal    Pal's Prize-winning Book Sculpts Temples in Words     
Ramakrishna Shukla    Kathak Master Persuading Akademi to Publish his Book     
Dr.Karam Chand    Karam Chand starts Third Free Dispensary     
1973 - 1974      Articles      3.50 MB
S.S. Bhoosnur Math    Mysore Writer wins Award     
Pejawar Swamiji    Pejawar Swami's Sermons have a Secular Thrust     
                                   Taking Books to People     
Satya Narayana Charkha    Charkha charmed the Japanese     
D. Seshagiri Rao    From Pests to Poetry     
K.T. Rathod    Biggest Fish in Rathod's Net     
Dr.Dewey John Ruski    Parasite-killer Rescues Crops     
K.S. Malle Gowda    I hope Rural India will wake-up - Gowda: Must raise floor, not lower ceiling     
                                    India International Centre is Delhi's Intellectual Gadfly     
Jayalakshmi Srnivasan    Learn Poetry of Culture, Prose of Civilized Living     
                                               The Fragrance of Karnataka     
1970 - 1974      Articles during 1970-74 with unknown dates      3.50 MB
Satya Narayana Charkha    Kathak Dancer Charkha a Success in Nepal     
Shakunthala Balu    She Edits 'Youth Mysore'     
Rangappa    After Tamra Patra Rangappa needs Land     
                       Books to Bridge Generation Gap     
Bashir Ahmed Mayuku    Poet Bashir Ahmed says Rig Veda is Everybody's Book     
Satish Kumar Jaswal    I will be Back: The only Promise Jaswal did not keep     
Maj. Lalit Kumar Bhatia    How five Bullets killed Maj. Bhatia     
Sheru Nariman Palia    She picks Pockets for your Heart     
P.V. Belatagi    Young Prodigy wants to make Arithmetic a Sport for Boys     
                          Housing Management is All-round Bliss

The Capital Eye

Daily column THE CAPITAL EYE, THE EVENING NEWS: Evening edition of HINDUSTAN TIMES, New Delhi (1970-74)
The daily column The Capital Eye carried short write-ups in lighter vein about life in Delhi, with contributions by many readers. It is not clear though if The Evening News is still published.



1972 February  1371 kb

1972 March 1152 kb

1972 April 717 kb

1972 May 1356 kb

1972 June 628 kb

1972 July 598 kb

1972 August 1033 kb

1972 September 908 kb

1972 October 598 kb

1972 November 483 kb

1972 December 1053 kb

1973 January 1060 kb

1973 March 256 kb

1973 April 408 kb

1973 May 308 kb

1973 June 778 kb

1973 July  654 kb

1973 August  665 kb

1973 September  410 kb

The Mirror

THE MIRROR: 1968 - 1969
Articles for the erstwhile monthly magazine published by Eve's Weekly (Private) Ltd, Bombay-1



The Man with his Ears to Mother Earth      March 1968 (Karakru)      629 kb

Maya Rao

The Woman Behind the Choreographer      Augst 1968      1012 kb


A Legend That is Ever-New      November 1968      739 kb

Patel & Munoli

The Designing Couple      February 1969      971 kb

The Indian P.E.N.

THE INDIAN P.E.N. (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, Novelists - A World Association of Writers)
(Late 1960s to early 70s)
Edited by Sophia Wadia, Bombay. It is not clear though if The Indian P.E.N. is still published.


Contributions to the "The Literary Scene in India" and Book reviews, both on Kannada section      1200 kb

STAR OF MYSORE, Mysore, Karnataka
M.S.Ramaswamy: My Headmaster     Dec 1, 1998    215 kb
My Dream City: Mysore     Feb 16, 1998    1003 kb

Book Reviews
Kavi Kavya Parampare      A Labour of Love on Annals of Kannada Poetry (IBH Prakashana)      The Hindu, 1980s      127 kb

The Song of Raghavendra     Stotra     Indian Express, Apr 4, 1981     99 kb
PTN     Pu.Ti.Narasimhachar     The Hindu, Mar 21, 1981     46 kb
Prema Bhat     Reward for the Finder (Short Story)     The Hindu, Jan 29, 1989     147 kb

Features, speech & assorted writings
CHP Felicitated by Rotary Club      Be at the mill every day, budding journalists told  (Report in The Hindu, Oct 15, 1997)
Speech by CHP during the felicitation by B.Doreswamy Iyengar Trust, Shimoga      105 kb
Pen is Mightier than the Sword      Panel discussion, 24 Aug 1996
Organized by Jayanagar Study Centre      54 kb
What Pejawar Swamiji Means To Me      From the Souvenir "Paramahamsa", 26 Nov 1999      202 kb
An Education Policy for National Unity

FANS India (Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity - Speeches), Sep 19, 1995      105 kb
An Ill-planned Extension      The Times of India, Mar 4, 1987      163 kb
T.S.Ramachandra Rao (TSR)      Letter to the Editor, Deccan Herald & Prajavani, Apr 12, 1977      97 kb


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