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CHP wrote, and also translated both in English and Kannada. Among his Kannada to English condensations, Man the Divine - A Critical Exposition of Shoonya Sampadane, of the Kannada original Shoonya Sampadaneya Paramarshe by Prof. S.S. Bhoosanurmath; Sravanabelgola of the Kannada original by G.Brahmappa; Story of a song - Ecstasy and Agony, of the Kannada original  Vande Mataram by Shivaramu figure prominently.

His English to Kannada adaptations include Devaru Devategalu, Maya Balse's collection of Children's stories; Makkala Mahabharata, Mathuram Bhootalingam's Children's Mahabharata; Taatana Huttuhabba, stories from Holland, published under the series Vishwa Kathakosha, a twenty one volume collection of stories from all over the world. For the Kannada weekly Sudha, he translated many Burmese Tales from the book Way Away Tales by Edward Normal Harris, under the title Mittiya Kathegalu during late sixties.

His Kannada books for children include Dakshina Bharatada Kathamanjari, with contribution of selected Kannada translations of Folk tales from South India; Nandalal Bose, biography of the well-known Bengali painter; Diwan Rangacharlu, biography of the well-known Diwan of Mysore; and contribution to Janapada Kathegalu, a collection of Kannada Folk Tales.

Early in his career, he penned two novels in Kannada, Sunkavillada Daari and Banje Thottilu.

In 1988 he wrote a biography of the industrialist Prabhu Dayal Agarwal titled P.D. Agarwal - The Visionary, published by Transport Corporation of India.

For the book An Anthology of Indian Literatures by K.Santhanam, he adapted Dr.R.S.Mugali's Kannada section to English. Below is one of the many translated poems from this book.



To the king affairs of state are as dear as affairs of spirit;

   he feasts his senses, but is master of himself.

The king should seek worldly pleasures, but be wedded to Dharma...

   His heart should seem to be engaged in the pursuits of life...

   but be clear and unattached.

Like a dancer who minds her step to the rhythm of music

   and minds her head balancing a pitcher, the king

   pursues matters of polity and high values of Dharma.

Like a kite which plays in high heaven but is bound

   to solid earth in the hands of a skillful player, a man

   can indulge his body and yet be devoted to Dharma,

   and there is no trickery in that.

Appears under Indian Poetry, 1360-1450 C.E., on Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Longman. English adaptation by C.H.Prahlada Rao, of the Kannada section compiled by Dr.R.S.Mugali in "An Anthology of Indian Literatures", 1969. Published by Gandhi Peace Foundation, Bharatiya Vidyabhavan, edited by K.Santhanam.



There were several broadcasts of CHP's talks and interviews in English and Kannada over The All India Radio, Bangalore. Below are a few available recordings in Kannada. The media was converted from recorded audio tapes, and are provided in WMA format to cut file sizes.

The below audio clips can be downloaded from!AK4RtJPzUU95hKIE

Bengaluru Andu - Indu

23 May 1996 - Talk (WMA)

Size: 1.20 MB

Baala Belaku

16 December 1995 - Interview (WMA)

Size: 2.50 MB